When DO We Sue?

Collectors have had a very long history of being BAD! In 1978 Congress created The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This ACT has BIG teeth. It allows a debtor to get paid for their violations.

Abusive practices are not acceptable in attempting to collect a debt. Regardless of whether you owe the debt or not.

Never believe everything a creditor tells you. Collection agencies and Credit Bureaus are masters at bending the truth to suit themselves. They will tell half lies to try and collect from you or leave bad marks on your credit report.

Debt collectors are required by law to respect the dignity of debtors.

  • In order to excuse their a mistakes, they first have to show it was an honest mistake.
  • Then they have to show they tried to prevent that exact mistake from occurring again.

Of course, they never really do that.  So we sue.

And we ALWAYS sue, when they don’t act like a respectable business. So we don’t treat them like one. So we sue.

  • Calling home and work at all hours
  • Contacting a debtor who is represented by an attorney
  • Failing to warn a debtor that the communication is from a debt collector and that any information obtained will be used to collect a debt
  • Falsely threatening to ruin a debtor’s credit
  • False items on your credit report after being notified of the error
  • Failing to accuratley update your credit report after receiving discharge order
  • Sending materials through the mail after you have filed bankruptcy
  • Contacting your family or anyone you have put on a past credit application
  • Showing up at your door
  • Failing to warn on all subsequent communications that they are from a debt collector
  • Calling the debtor an unreasonable number of times daily or after they have been instructed to stop calling
  • Using profane, foul, or obscene language
  • Making racial, religious, or sexual slurs
  • Yelling or screaming at the debtor
  • Engaging in name calling
  • Falsely threatening a lawsuit
  • Making threats to induce payments
  • Continuing to contact you after you are represented by an attorney
  • Continuing to call or contact you after you are under bankruptcy protection

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